Individual Support

We are all unique and we all have different needs. Individual coaching is a process that is about supporting you in the way you want to be supported towards the goals you have designed.

With three steps we can guide you towards a life of living well.

Step 1: Self-awareness

Understanding yourself is the critical first step to see the many choices for change. Learning and becoming aware about your unique habits of body and mind. We use our Well Habit Model for you to become aware of the different elements that influence your wellness.

Step 2: Setting Go for It Goals

Once you understand yourself, your obstacles and your opportunities, you explore the options by which you can turn this awareness into action. You define the areas where you will commit to making small changes. This can be through changing your habits, your relationships or your environment. Committing to making small step changes with the support and accountability of a Well Habit Coach will help move you towards confidence, self-efficacy and improved health and wellness.

Step 3: Reflection and Redesign

With each step you are encouraged to reflect on your progress. This process is also one of design thinking. Your first idea for change is not necessarily going to the best. You learn to be flexible with your goals as is necessary to ensure you are on track.

Let’s Work Together!