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We live in a world where young people across the globe are struggling. The struggle is a consequence of both new and growing challenges—social media, evolving technologies, isolation, decreased availability of family support, anxieties around media-amplified disasters, the growing impacts of climate change—the list is long. But so is the list of opportunities to take action, develop new skills, and find purpose and meaning in a world in crisis. One such example is the global movement Climate Strike, which harnesses the energy of young people’s anger and hope into collective action for change. But students participating in these strikes, or seeking similar extracurricular activities, are missing out on the potential of the classroom itself for teaching them to create positive outcomes.

Our goal is to develop a school curriculum that helps young people learn new literacies and build new skills to meet their needs, including:

Awareness—knowledge about the physical, emotional, social and environmental challenges they encounter in the world they live in;

Strategy & Skills—the framework to learn the skills to manage these stressors; and

Habits—the means to transform a troublesome habit into a Well Habit.

At the heart of the Well Habit Curriculum is the aim of helping students to become aware of their habits. From there, they learn the skills for changing detrimental thoughts and behaviours into thoughts and behaviours that lead to positive actions and skills in self-regulation, connection, finding purpose and much more.

Habit change happens when there is clear intent, ready support and dedicated practice. It emerges from learning within a school culture where wellness is an integrated part of the curriculum.

Well Habit Curriculum—a flexible model to meet your students’ needs.

Our action-based curriculum consists of these key areas which can be applied to many different dimensions:

  • Self-Awareness;
  • Understanding Change;
  • Understanding Wellness;
  • Taking Action—Self-responsibility and peer coaching for habit change.

Well Habit Your Life – Curriculum

The Well Habit Curriculum provides practical tools, training and templates for developing self-awareness, goal setting and peer support skills that can impact a student’s life far beyond the classroom. It is comprised of the Well Habit Your Life activity books and eBooks, Well Habit Mountain model and Habit Change Tools, which are used as core curriculum tools to guide students towards developing knowledge and skills in:

  • The many dimensions of wellness;
  • The life skills of communication, collaboration, and conflict management;
  • The power of peer coaching;
  • The skills for enacting change.
  • Materials

    The Well Habit books and eBooks are available in several different configurations and formats to meet the curriculum design requirements, student needs and budget restrictions of your school.

    There are a series of seven booklets dividing the curriculum into seven core areas, a series of downloadable PDFs and an all-in-one 550-page book to choose from. The learning activities are broken into seven areas:

  • Wellness and Systems
  • Peer Coaching and Change
  • Body
  • Safety
  • Connect
  • Mind
  • Shine
  • Approach

    Our curriculum trains students and teachers in wellness literacy, communication skills, peer coaching, and frameworks for change. The curriculum is based on self-directed learning. It is highly flexible and designed to meet the specific needs of students using a systems thinking approach. It is also designed to minimise teacher stress by using a co-learning skills development model. Teachers and students engage in the inquiry, peer coaching and learning process together.

    Our Well Habit model motivates and simplifies learning using memorable metaphors, self-inquiry quizzes, meaningful activities, peer-to-peer skill practice and real-world-applicable goal setting. The small steps and personalised challenge approach helps the learner navigate their own personal path to wellness. The model can be adapted to the varied and changing needs of your student community.

    Training & Workshops

    The Co-Design Process: We work collaboratively with your school to design affordable options to meet your school’s needs and budget.

    Workshops for staff & students include:

  • Wellness Coach Training for Staff (4 – 12-week options)
  • Peer Coaching for Staff
  • Peer Coaching for Students
  • Wellness Literacy for Teachers
  • Wellness Literacy for Students
  • Wellcircle Groups for Managing Anxiety and Depression
  • If requested, we can provide online workshops or training for teachers and/or students in the Well Habit model.
  • About

    Eva designed and taught the Wellness Coaching course in RMIT University’s “Master of Wellness” program from 2010 – 2018. She is an innovative, creative and passionate wellness education designer, with a varied academic background as a physiotherapist and secondary school teacher (health and media), and a master’s in environmental science.

    As a social enterprise, Wellschool is dedicated to supporting school, community and health care system wellness.

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