The All-In-One Platform for Well Habit

A place to connect, to learn, to share, to inspire and to grow. Our platform guides everyone towards life changing well habits and relationship building peer coaching skills.  

Step 1: Take the Well Habit Quiz and Get To Know Yourself

Our Well Habit Quiz includes questions about 25 key wellness areas. See which ones may need attention. Then decide where you want to start building some well habits. 

Step 2: Explore the Well Habit Approach

The Well Habit approach takes you on a 5 step evidence based process of change. You will learn how to take control of your choices so you can live the life you choose. 

Step 3: Check Out the Well Habit Courses That We Offer

Want to expand your coaching skills and become a Well Habit coach? Or join a Well Habit peer coaching group?Check out the courses that we offer! Or ask Eva if there is one you would like her to run.

Step 4: Join Our Well Habit Community

Gain access to your own personal profile and dashboard where you can manage your learning and connect with other members of the Well Habit Community!

Introducing the Well Habit Approach

Wellness Literacy

Delve deeper into your world of habits by exploring the five levels of our Well Habit mountain: Body, Safety, Connect, Mind and Shine.

Learn about each level. What makes them work better or worse? Which areas  would you like to make change?

When we become self-aware and recognise our own strengths and challenges, we can know what choices we need to make to build our wellness.


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Designing Habit Change

Changing habits requires more than effort and hope. It requires design! Learn more about the Well Habit framework designed to change your habits. We  use a simple five step Well Habit process:

  1. Gather Knowledge
  2. Self-awareness
  3. Get Motivated
  4. Explore Options
  5. Set Your Goal.


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Coaching Mindset

IA coaching mindset is one which support others on their wellness journey, empowering others to create positive change. It is a mindset of presence, curiosity, positivity and acknowledgement. It reframes obstacles into opportunity, loss into learning and crisis into change making. This mindset is not something you do as a job, but one you carry as part of your being in your personal and professional life. 


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How Can Well Habit Help You?

Join the Well Habit Gym

:Learn about how you can train yourself in building your personal wellness in the Well Habit Gym. Our online courses, peer coaching groups and video resources will provide you with inspiration, motivation and life-changing tools. A wellness coach and a supportive community of peers can help you better manage your challenges and achieve your wellness goals.

We run Well Habit Gym groups for:

    • Building your Wellness Habits.
    • Climbing Mount Menopause.
    • Anti-inflammatory auto-immune
    • Managing Depression
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Well Habit Coach

Learn all about how you can become a Well Habit Coach and join our thriving Well Habit team. We provide a range of online courses and video resources, providing you with the tools and skills to coach others. Whether you’re just starting coaching or you are an experienced health professional, Well Habit Coach will help you build new skills to thrive in your wellness career.


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We host a range of accessible and free workshops that give you the opportunity to get a feel for our Well Habit Community and the online courses, books and video resources that we can offer you. Check out our upcoming workshops below and find out how to sign up.


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Start Your Career with the Our Internship Programme

Create Your Own Course

Channel all of your coaching skills into building your very own Well Habit course. You will have the opportunities to focus on a particular area of interest in Wellness and share it with the world. 

Peer to Peer Coaching

Work closely with other members of our Well Habit community to test out your ideas and create a course that you’re proud of. 

Advanced Analytics & Reports

Learn how to collect data from your course for research and carry out assessments that continuously improve your wellness offerings.

Personalised Dashboard for Students & Coaches

Manage Everything From One Spot

Our student dashboard makes your learning easy. We have designed it to specifically keep you organized and to be able to return to your work at any time. 

Track Your Performance

Keep track of your progress using our quizzes and archives of all your completed work. We make it easy for you to see what you’ve achieved! 

Separate Dashboard for Students & Coaches

We have created dashboards specifically tailored to your learning journey, ways to encourage community support and your individual needs. 

Questions & Answers

I am new to Wellness. Where do I start?
You can start by taking the Well Habit Quiz. The quiz gives you some insight into 25 areas of your wellness. The button to this quiz is located halfway down the home page. Just click on the button and it will take you to the quiz.   You will receive your ‘Well Habit’ results in your inbox. These results can help you to reflect on where you have strengths and gaps in your skills. Self-awareness is an essential first step on your wellness journey.
What is the difference between Well Habit Gym and Well Habit Coach?
Well Habit Gym courses are designed for people who want to improve the quality of their lives. The goal may be to make changes to ones lifestyle with well habits, or to overcome or manage more serious health challenges. Most chronic diseases, from type 2 diabetes, to depression, to autoimmune disease, can be alleviated with a range of evidence based non-pharmaceutical strategies. Well Habit Gym trainings connect people who face similar health challenges. They work together to build knowledge and skills to improve their mental and physical health.    

Well Habit Coach trainings are designed for people who want to be trained in the Well Habit coaching skills. From mental health workers to health professionals to teachers to Psychosocial Recovery Coaches to anyone who wants to support people. After completing the Well Habit Gym, you may consider if training as a wellness coach is a path for you!
How long is the course?
Both Well Habit Gym and Well Habit Coach trainings are between 4 – 10 weeks in duration. We prefer to run our courses over a longer period so you have the opportunity to learn and implement your skills between sessions. We also ensure you have the opportunity to work with your learning peers to practice what you are learning between sessions. Please see our calendar on the homepage for more details on exact dates.
How much does it cost?
The prices for each course vary and can be found by clicking on ‘Courses’ and selecting the page of the course you’re interested in. Please contact Eva for more details if you are struggling financially. Making the learning accessible is part of our mission.
I am not sure which course to do?
Check out the list of available courses. There are short descriptions on the Well Habit Gym and Well Habit Coach courses, to see which course might be better suited to you. There is a free intro every month, so you can ask questions directly from Eva, the founder of the Well Habit method. Make sure to click on the page number tab at the bottom of the Courses page so you can see the courses that are beyond page 1 (on page 2 or 3, etc) If you have further questions feel free to get in touch via our ‘Contact us’ page!

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