Well Habit Principles

1. Accept Setbacks

We believe that setbacks and failures are a necessary and healthy part of learning and often a natural consequence of trying new things.

2. Notice Your Habits

Self-awareness will become the accelerator of your Well Habit journey. We believe that with self-awareness is the first step of change.

3. Live your life

We want you to find your own way which aligns with your interests and values – and for you to take this path regardless of what others are doing.

4. Create

We celebrate and encourage creative expression; we believe that this is an excellent way to understand yourself more deeply.

5. Be Open and Flexible

An open-mind and the ability to adapt are skills which we nurture: we feel applying these skills will allow more possibility and opportunities to arise in your life.

6. Start Small

Well Habit promotes gradual yet thorough self-work, which means that we always start with small and attainable goals leading to the most sustainable growth.

7. Be Patient

We suggest that you build trust in the process, that you stick it out when things are hard and to find motivation even when you might not get instant results.

8. Plan Change

We love a good plan. Well Habit wants you to shine, so we’ve got to plan how we’re going to do that to ensure that the changes you make are sustainable.

9. Support and Be Supported

Well Habit is a community-oriented programme. We believe that people can heal and live fully, when they have the right people around them.

10. Celebrate Your Wins

Let’s celebrate your progress! We teach you how to self-praise and credit yourself for all the hard work that you have put in to your Well Habit journey.