How to Be Assertive


Being assertive means speaking up honestly and clearly, sharing your thoughts and feelings while being respectful. It’s like living by the saying “speak your mind kindly”. Being assertive helps you express yourself in a gentle way, without being mean.

Take the magical journey to learning the skills of Assertiveness by working through the 5 step well habit process in this 90 page activity book!


Well Habit Gym is a series of coaching guidebooks designed for the classroom or home learning. Each one teaches a different skill of wellness using the Five Step Well Habit model, as well as practical core coaching skills.

' How to be Assertive' is a 90 page activity book that guides the learner to

  1. Understand what assertiveness is
  2. Complete a series of Quizzes to get to know yourself better. What are your communication habits?- Passive, Passive-Aggressive, Aggressive, Assertive.
  3. Consider why changing your habits would make life better!
  4. Explore a large range of practical options for taking small steps to improving your communication habits. Both breaking the old and starting the new.
  5. Develop your own 'SMART-ASS' Assertiveness goals to start making change happen.

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